ShowJumping Show

Sunday 16th June 2019

Saddlesdane Equestrian Centre

Ashford Road, Badlesmere, Kent, ME13 0NX

9am Start

Class 1 - 60cm Open

Kindly Sponsored by Southern Equestrian Supplies

Max height 60cm. any clears go on to ride a shortened course against the clock to decide the winner

1st Place - £15 Voucher / 2nd - £10 Voucher / 3rd - £5 Voucher

Class 2 - £40 - Team Speed Class (70cm & 85cm)

Kindly Sponsored by Mindful Riding

3 or 4 riders, 3 scores to count the rider with the highest number of faults or time will be the drop score.  One round against the clock, Faults and Time decide the winners

Rider 1 – 70cm                                    Rider 2 – 70cm or 85cm

Rider 3 – 85cm                                    Rider 4 – 85cm

1st Place team – money off vouchers for each team member for a session with Mindful Riding

Not before 12pm

Class 3 - £40 - Team Class (75cm & 90cm)

Kindly Sponsored by Softrack Surfaces

3 or 4 riders, 3 scores to count. All riders jump one round. The rider with the highest amount of faults will be the drop score. If at least 2 teams are on the same score one 90cm rider to ride a shortened course against the clock to decide the winner

Rider 1 – 75cm                                    Rider 2 – 75cm or 90cm

Rider 3 – 90cm                                    Rider 4 – 90cm

1st Place Team £50 prize money

Not before 2pm

Class 4 - £8 - 95/1m Open

Kindly Sponsored by Rebecca Clay

Max height 1m. Any clears to ride a shortened course against the clock to decide the winner

1st Place – Free lesson or sports therapy massage (horse)

2nd & 3rd – voucher for money off sports therapy massage (horse)

Class 5 - £10 - £50 First Prize Top Score!

Kindly Sponsored by Griggs & Partners Landscaping & Ground Maintenance

Jumps ranging from 65 – 1m with 1.20m joker fence – a set time of 90 seconds to jump as many jumps as possible.

Each jump will have a score and must be left up for that score to count.  If the jump is knocked the number of points that fence is worth will be subtracted from your score. Fences can be jumped as many times as you like and in either direction. The higher and/or more technical the fence the more points it is worth. The joker fence can only be jumped twice!

1st place - £50 / 2nd - £30 / 3rd - £20



Team classes have to be pre entered (please visit our facebook page, our website or email for the entry form) and paid for by Sunday 9th June so we can sort the running orders which will be available on our website during Thursday 13th June. All other classes can be pre entered or entered on the day.